Services Beneficiary Tracing

The Umzuzi Beneficiary Tracing division of ADRS renders tracing services to pension funds and other entities or facilities who need to trace beneficiaries in order to pay benefits to them.

The name ‘Umzuzi’ personifies this service, as the service is ultimately aimed at serving “those who stand to benefit”.

Umzuzi has a desktop tracing facility that can render desktop tracing services and also has the benefit of the extensive ADRS network of field agents who can render localised field tracing services throughout the Republic of South Africa.

The combination of desktop and field agent tracing places ADRS in a unique position in the beneficiary tracing market, as it enables ADRS to vastly optimise the tracing process. It also enables ADRS to obtain documentation and information required for the completion of the process directly from traced beneficiaries where it is otherwise very difficult to obtain.

ADRS has created the Umzuzi Beneficiary Tracing System to manage the entire process – from receipt of the instruction, desktop tracing, field agent tracing, uploading of feedback and documentation/information, quality control, to reporting back to the fund.

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