Services Bank Card Abuse Prevention

Unscrupulous members of the public find ways and means to bypass the controls put in place by banks, especially in connection with the use of credit cards and other bank cards like debit cards. This may cause substantial losses for a financial institution.

Sometimes the only way of prohibiting these abusive practices and to prevent further losses is to physically trace the consumer, to counsel the consumer with regards to the risks involved in the abuse of the card (both for the bank and the consumer), and to request that the card is voluntarily destroyed.

ADRS, through its extensive network of field agents, render a service aimed at the prevention of this kind of abuse by tracing the consumer – consulting with the consumer, and with the written consent of the consumer, destroying the relevant bank card.

Proof of the fact that the card has been destroyed is then provided to the client by way of the consumer’s written consent and a copy of the defaced card.

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