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ADRS Debt Collection Services has a unique and unparalleled network of external debt collectors and field agents who can render decentralised debt collection service throughout the Republic of South Africa and Namibia by means of personal calls and consultations.

All ADRS field agents are registered in terms of the Debt Collectors Act and are bound by the prescribed code of conduct, as well as the ADRS’s core values. An ADRS Field Agent Collection Process can be implemented by ADRS either as a standalone strategy, or as part of a collection strategy having various components.

The ADRS field agents perform tracing services, make personal contact, and consult with consumers, put payment arrangements in place, and follow up on such arrangements.

The ADRS Field Agent Collection Process has proven to be a highly effective collection optimisation method, enabling ADRS to outperform its competitors on many of the collection panels ADRS has been appointed to. In situations where ADRS predominantly employs the ADRS Field Agent Collection Process, ADRS outperforms its competitors by 30% to 50%.

ADRS has developed a unique ADRS Pre-Legal Collection Outsourcing Management System as part of the ADRS Debt Collection Management System. This module accelerates the entire process by instant allocation of collection matters to operational areas throughout South Africa and Namibia. These matters are then allocated to top-performing field agents for immediate and effective action.

Collection actions are recorded in the ADRS System and can be forwarded to the client. Comprehensive business intelligence keeps tabs on the ADRS field agent performance, while all field collection operations are closely managed by the ADRS chief of operations through an operations executive, regional general managers, regional assistants, and controllers. This ensures that quality, accountability, and performance always remain paramount out in the field.

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