Services Employment Verifications

In the origination of a credit transaction, a credit provider may have the need to verify the employment of a credit applicant and to obtain information regarding the income of the applicant. This may be required in the case of self-employed consumers and those employed in less formal employment, like part-time workers in the domestic service or agricultural sector.

It can also be of particular importance in respect of the ‘unbanked’ sector of the community. Thereby opportunities can be created to extend good quality credit in a responsible manner to some consumers to whom credit would otherwise not be available. It can also reduce the incidence of fraud in the credit granting process.

ADRS can provide employment verification services to credit providers through its network of field agents. ADRS has created the ADRS Employment Verification System to control the process – from the service request, allocation to operational areas, allocation to service providers, the progress on the verification process, and the uploading of a verification report. A quality control process is applied before a verification report is submitted to a client.

The process can be automated and streamlined through the use of a mobile application designed and developed by ADRS for this purpose.

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