Services Call Centre Collection

ADRS Debt Collection Services uses various debt collection methods, of which call centre collections is one. We do this through a centralised and scalable call centre (with the ability to increase capacity if required), with the ability to further enhance collection performance through an outsourced field agent collection and legal collection process.

Accounts are segmented according to the ADRS Collection Strategy (or the strategy preferred by a client) and placed in the call centre process, where appropriate.

We run call centre campaigns through the ADRS Call Centre Management System and an integrated cloud-based dialler, using call scripts aligned with compliance requirements.

Collection actions are recorded in the ADRS Call Centre Management System and linked to call recordings.

If required by clients, full integration with client systems or data exchange can be implemented, ensuring that clients have full record of the actions taken on a particular account. We also perform a quality assurance process on the calls to ensure that our own standards, as well as that of our clients, are met.

Consumers can make use of various payment methods. Where the money is received by ADRS, we receipt it via the ADRS Debt Collection Management System and do regular pay-overs according to client requirements.

We track the ADRS Call Centre performance by means of comprehensive business intelligence, and it is managed by the ADRS chief of operations through a call centre manager and team leaders.

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