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At ADRS, we are known to provide exceptional debt collection and recovery services to our clients, using a diverse and unique set of processes to optimise the overall debt collection performance. Allow us to assist you in recovering your debt in an ethical manner.

Debt Collection Services

We have a unique set of facilities and competencies at our disposal, which enables us to implement dynamic collection strategies, using sequential and/or concurrent collection methods to optimise collection performance. Sophisticated collections intelligence drives performance.

Asset Recovery

Strict management and quality control over the whole process is performed in order to ensure compliance. This process is controlled through the ADRS Voluntary Surrender Module forming part of the ADRS Debt Collection Management System.

Auctioneering Management

As an addition to its asset recovery service, ADRS has also established a network of auctioneers and created the ADRS Auctioneering Management System by which the selling of assets handed back in terms of the voluntary surrender process is managed.

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