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Dr Rein Coetzee

Joint Chief Executive Officer

Rein oversees the Field Operations, Finance, IT , Auctioneering and Admin departments in ADRS. Before joining ADRS, Rein worked in the corporate environment where he mainly focussed on human resources, retail operations and financial services. During his tenure in the corporate world, he held various senior leadership roles and was responsible for several strategic initiatives. It was here that he gained extensive experience in the customer management value chain, being involved with sales, credit onboarding, customer service management, field operations and debt collections. Rein is passionate about leadership development and leading change and has successfully completed his PhD degree in 2010 with a focus on leadership and change management. In his role as Joint Chief Executive, Rein is involved in leadership development with a focus on growing the leadership capabilities in ADRS as well as establishing a high performing culture that conducts business in an ethical manner. His purpose is to ensure the continued sustainability of ADRS and its clients through the vision of being “Your trusted debt collection partner”.

Sheldon Govender

Joint Chief Executive Officer / Director

Sheldon currently oversees Human Resources, Call Center and Marketing and has gained more than 17 years’ experience in business, it is through these years that he gained experience in customer service management, sales and marketing, human resources, furniture retail and debt collections. He acquires a sound understanding of integrating and aligning business solutions to achieve the set strategic business goals. His unyielding passion for assisting fellow employees and relentless focus on providing world class service led to him joining ADRS Diversified Services as Human Resources Executive in 2016, which afforded the opportunity in creating human resources business solutions that are allied to the human resources value chain thus ensuring business goals and objectives are strategically aligned to achieve effective business performance. He was then appointed in the role of Joint Chief Executive Officer in 2018 and gained the opportunity to become part Director serving the primary role of managing the overall operations and resources of the company, whilst leading the development of the company’s strategic business goals which is linked to creating and executing the company culture, values, vision, and mission.

Natasha Mokgojoa

Head of Marketing

Natasha heads up the Marketing department for ADRS Diversified Services. She has a BCom degree in Marketing Management which she obtained at MANCOSA. Natasha has gained vast knowledge within the debt collections industry through various organizations. She is responsible for all marketing strategies and organizational strategic alignment by growing market share for the business.

Michelle Garbers

Head of Finance

Michelle started her career with ADRS Diversified Services as a bookkeeper in 2007. She was subsequently offered a permanent role in September 2009 within the finance department. She currently assumes the role as Head of Finance. She is responsible for analysing every day financial activities and provide advice and guidance to management pertaining to the financial strategies of the business.

Maderie Hattingh

Head of IT

Maderie is the head of Infrastructure and Software Development. Maderie has 23 years extensive knowledge in systems integration and project management and plays a key role in onboarding all ADRS clients and technology functions. Maderie joined ADRS in 2011 and has significantly contributed to the agile design and implementation of the ADRS custom in-house debt collection management software as well as all other value-added software solutions within ADRS.

Antoinette Strauss

Head of Field Operations: Southern Division

Antoinette oversees the daily Operations of the Field network for the Southern Division, which includes predominantly the Cape and KwaZulu Natal provinces. The field operations team focusses on contacting debtors via telephone and personal calls to home and work addresses to maximize the debt collection opportunities and is also involved in asset upliftment through the voluntary surrender process. Before joining ADRS in 2008, Antoinette gained extensive experience in the retail operations environment. In the 28 years of working in this operation environment she gained experience in sales, administration and specifically debtor management and collections. She held various management roles during her career in the corporate environment and in her leadership role in ADRS, Antoinette and her team believe in achieving and maintaining exceptional standards of service delivery to the business and the clients alike.

Louwtjie Kruger

Head of Field Operations: Northern Division

Louwtjie oversees Operations of the Field network Northern Division, which includes predominantly the Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northwest, and Northern Cape provinces. The field operations team focusses on contacting debtors via telephone and personal calls to home and work addresses to maximize the debt collection opportunities and are also involved in asset upliftment through the voluntary surrender process. Louwtjie worked in the retail and auctioneering environment before joining ADRS in 2012, possessing 26 years operational experience in the field network, Louwtjie and his team believe in remaining goal orientated, honest, friendly, and professional.

Leonie Hammond

Head of HR

Leonie oversees Human Resources, she possesses an immense passion for people, growth, and development; her core drive and pride resides in ensuring the employees of ADRS remain the heart and soul of the business. It starts with creating a culture which embraces diversity, demands respect, and sets high standards of performance and behavioural attributes in line with the core values of the business. This, together with allowing employees opportunities of growth and the realisation of both their personal and career goals it creates an atmosphere of feeling valued and thus contributing to the continued success of the business.

Marianne Small

Head of Call Center

Marianne joined ADRS 4 years ago and heads up the Call Center, before joining ADRS she had gained 20 years’ experience within the furniture retail industry, her experience includes, Call Center, loan origination, administration, and logistics.

Lynette van Dalen

Head of Aunctioneering

Lynette oversees the Auctioneering Department. Before joining ADRS Lynette worked as an Operational Senior Manager within the furniture retail industry, where she was responsible for the Voluntary Surrender Department. It was here that she acquired the necessary experience in Auctioneering as she was involved in the development of the department. Her role was to establish an Auctioneering network countrywide whereby the goods voluntarily surrendered can be sold on auction whilst the proceeds captured on the customer’s accounts fall within the guidelines of the National Credit Act. She is accountable for creating an environment whereby internal and external employees is involved and feels safe and secure in their roles.

Sharon Mougel

Head of Administration

Sharon is overseeing the Administration Division for ADRS Diversified Services. She holds a BCom degree in Accounting. She skilfully manages administrative duties, client relations, coordinating daily operational functions, streamlining management systems, and improving business efficiency. The administration division is the backbone of an organisation and with Sharon’s solid understanding and experience in administration, finance, and accounting support, she ensures the smooth flow of information, effective productivity, and efficiency in ADRS.

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