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About Us

Your trusted debt collection service provider.

ADRS Diversified Services (Pty) Ltd is a trusted debt collection service provider with comprehensive solutions for collecting payment, using a diverse and unique set of processes to optimise debt collection performance.

At ADRS we provide exceptional service to clients, service providers, and consumers. We are constantly striving to implement creative and innovative products, processes, services, technologies, and business models, to support and enhance service excellence.

With our world-class business intelligence, we ensure performance standards are achieved, taking responsibility for the work undertaken and maintaining the highest standard of output.

We conduct business with integrity and in an ethical manner. People matter to ADRS therefore we mediate between two parties to collect money owed to our client’s, while assisting their consumers with a realistic/affordable schedule to protect them from being blacklisted. Treating the customers professionally to reduce any brand reputation damage to your clients.

We are absolutely committed to being truthful, fair, and respectful to everyone the company encounters, including clients, colleagues, employees, service providers, and consumers. We believe in people and empowerment, this is why we focus on skills and social economic development, enterprise development, and preferential procurement.

Our core values

  • Excellence: ADRS renders exceptional quality services to clients, colleagues, service providers and consumers.
  • Integrity: ADRS is truthful, fair and respectful to everyone with whom the company has dealings, including clients, colleagues, employees, service providers and consumers.
  • Innovation: We enthusiastically implement creative and innovative products, processes, services, technologies and business models, to support and enhance service excellence, profitability and sustainability.
  • Empowerment: ADRS aspires to empower employees, black, female and disabled members of society, with the focus on skills development, enterprise development, preferential procurement and social economic development.
  • Ethics: ADRS conducts business in an ethical manner in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Sustainability: We grow and strengthen the company as a profitable and sustainable business, for the benefit of our shareholders, employees, clients and service providers.
  • Accountability: Employees take responsibility and accountability for the work undertaken, are skillful, productive and maintain high standards of work, this assuring that the core values of the company are attained.

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