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ADRS’s Delivery Services is a third-party logistics (3PL) service provider, currently undertaking the management of business- to-consumer deliveries in the furniture, retail, and household appliance trade. This service can be expanded into other segments of retail and e-commerce trade.

ADRS has developed the ADRS Delivery Management System, which enables a client to request delivery services through the ADRS client portal. Service requests through full integration with client systems or data exchange can also be developed according to the client’s requirements.

After a client has made a service request, such requests are then instantly allocated to ADRS operational areas and ADRS delivery contractors.

After allocation to a driver, the service request is synchronised to the ADRS Deliveries Mobile Application (providing all the relevant information to the driver), which enables the driver to take possession of the cargo from a designated warehouse, cross-dock or other designated point of exchange, including small warehouses operated by ADRS contractors.

Delivery of the cargo is then done by the ADRS contractor/driver, who provides a delivery report and recording GPS co-ordinates through the ADRS Deliveries Mobile Application.

Providing proof of delivery (POD) to a client can be provided in a variety of manners, either manual paper-based proof or by electronic means according to the client’s requirements. A quality control process is applied to the relevant documentation.

The ADRS delivery process is managed by the ADRS chief of operations though the ADRS regional logistics general managers and assistants.

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